Garden Kitchen Lab

The Garden Kitchen Lab is a backyard-to-table STEAM educational program for underserved communities. Our mission is to give youth access to healthy and locally grown food through starting and sustaining food-producing gardens. This hands-on multi-disciplinary program puts the power in the hands of community children, so they understand the link between food production and the environment, and take ownership of their health.

Foraging in Crown Heights

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The children went foraging to the park and learned about the African Blue Basil, a plant is right to eat raw, and a great addition in salads and cooked lentils. Nettles, a plant to make delicious pesto! And finally Dandelions, the entire plant is edible and very nutritious, but this time we only tried the flower, the children loved it! It is sweet in flavor, and I find it to taste like squash. Dandelions produce copious amounts of nectar and pollen and are an essential source of food for bees. These flowers pollinate itself. After foraging, we went to the center’s kitchen and had chopped mango with Dandelions and African Blue Basil.

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