Garden Kitchen Lab

The Garden Kitchen Lab is a backyard-to-table STEAM educational program for underserved communities. Our mission is to give youth access to healthy and locally grown food through starting and sustaining food-producing gardens. This hands-on multi-disciplinary program puts the power in the hands of community children, so they understand the link between food production and the environment, and take ownership of their health.

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Summer Garden at St. John’s

This spring, we started our project as a container garden, now we have six small plant beds and one large raised bed. It has been a fantastic experience to see how our seeds turned into seedlings and soon after started growing exponentially! The tomatoes began giving last week, and so did the peppers, the onions, and the eggplants. Our broccoli continues to grow and will be ready to harvest in a few more weeks. This project is moving forward! Thank you GreenThumb, Katie’s Krops and Build It Green! NYC. Special thanks to Ai Hirashi for al her gardening advice and plant beds donation and to Colm Johnston for your donation! We look forward to teaching the kids how to use it this fall and learn more about how to measure the soil’s humidity. Thank you very much to Ed Feldman for his visit to Garden Kitchen Lab – St. John’s!

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