Garden Kitchen Lab

The Garden Kitchen Lab is a backyard-to-table STEAM educational program for underserved communities. Our mission is to give youth access to healthy and locally grown food through starting and sustaining food-producing gardens. This hands-on multi-disciplinary program puts the power in the hands of community children, so they understand the link between food production and the environment, and take ownership of their health.

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Cucumber Avocado Chilled Soup

A perfect summer recipe, refreshing and easy for the children to make on their own. The children learn how to cook and bring the recipes back home to teach their parents how to go from garden-to-table! This is was our last class with Dianne Bliffeld, our Board of Eduction teacher who so generously donated her time this summer.

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Radish Pink Stars!

A very simple to make snack: a radish-avocado toast! The kids harvested some of the radishes from the garden, brought them to the kitchen to wash and cut them in thin slices. Then they opened up the avocados and smashed them with olive oil and a bit of salt. They toasted the multi-grain bread and cut the crust off and spread the avocado on top and garnished it with a couple of radish slices on top. A bit more of olive oil and salt and they were ready to eat.

Students enjoyed this snack very much and were surprised to like the pungent radish flavor. Radishes are a perfect snack for the summer with its cooling effect, they are natural cleansers for the digestive system, low in calories yet high in nutrients and keeps the body hydrated.

The summer camp children filled in a survey at the end of the class and walk away with a copy of the recipe for their parents. This is definitively a veggie we will grow again next year.

IMG_3846 IMG_3849 IMG_3843 IMG_3877 IMG_3850 IMG_3960 IMG_3839 IMG_3864IMG_3859 IMG_3856 IMG_3909 IMG_3936 IMG_3927 IMG_3926 IMG_3912 IMG_3917 IMG_3911 IMG_3914 IMG_3961 IMG_3956 IMG_3955 IMG_3954 IMG_3947 IMG_3940 IMG_3939 IMG_3938 IMG_3933 IMG_3929 IMG_3970 IMG_3934 IMG_3967 IMG_3962 IMG_3936 IMG_3937 IMG_3964 IMG_3960 IMG_3952 IMG_3950 IMG_3976 IMG_3988 IMG_3982 IMG_3979 IMG_3978 IMG_3977

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A Tradition: Peruvian Quinoa Salad

Today students learned how to prepare a quinoa salad. Quinoa, a grain g found in the high altitudes of Peru and Bolivia is a great source of fiber. Kids harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, chives and basil leaves and flowers to add to the salad. After some chopping and shredding they completed their quiz on what to harvest and how to prepare a quinoa salad, as well as the nutritional value of all the vegetables we included today. A brief lesson on mapping the location of Peru and Bolivia and learning who grows quinoa was also included.

IMG_3393 IMG_3373
IMG_9879 IMG_9895 IMG_9897 IMG_9903 IMG_9905 IMG_9907 IMG_9911 IMG_3523 IMG_3525 IMG_3534 IMG_3566 IMG_3541 IMG_3547 IMG_3564 IMG_3568
IMG_9578 IMG_9597
IMG_9928 IMG_9609  IMG_9927 IMG_3657 IMG_3643IMG_9615 IMG_9623